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Upcoming Trainings

Meaningful change one interaction at a time!

The LGBTQ Center Long Beach advances equity for LGBTQ people through culturally responsive advocacy. education, programs, and services.

Working with you, we assess the strengths and needs of your team and create tailored plans to build their capacity.

The Process

We work with civic, public, private, and religious organizations to enhance their capacity and build a more equitable and inclusive future. Focusing on current or trending topics/issues, we facilitate engaging discussions and share best practices with our audiences.

We produce our services throughout Long Beach and all surrounding communities, and are valued for our experience and expertise, with our facilitators delivering high-quality trainings with the goal to build and sustain meaningful change in our communities.

Capacity Building Services

Training Rates

Standard Hourly Rate (minimum 2 hrs.): $150/hour

Standard Hourly Rate – Nonprofit (minimum 2 hrs.): $75/hour

Training Preparation:

Curriculum development: $100
Curriculum development – Nonprofit: $50

Additional Training Materials (flat fee): $50
Additional Training Materials – Nonprofit: $25

Get in Touch

Contact the LGBTQ Center Long Beach for more information or support.